The Lion vs. the Lion Tamer

I came across a video of circus lions who were [apparently] fed up with being controlled by their tamers. Some may find it graphic but I did not as the picture is grainy and distant and these sorts of things don’t bother me anyway. Watching the video prompted two things in my mind:

  1. If we expect to exert our artificial control over others and override their natural and organic ways of “being”, then we are terribly wrong to allow our Egos to drive the justification that it’s OK.
  2. There are natural consequences when one ignores nature, some of which cannot be foreseen.

The relevant stuff starts at around 3:00.

I’ve had a lot of pets in my life with a few that could be considered unconventional. Never would my dad have endorsed or encouraged the notion of domesticating a large, potentially deadly wild animal as the concept is completely unnatural. Now and then we see stories in the news of some horrific accident where an animal had been living outside of its natural habitat for perhaps years and then “suddenly, without warning” the animal attacked its keeper whom it had previously been “just fine” with.

Well DUH. The animal is being forced to live in conditions that aren’t natural to its existence. For a time, many animals can be trained or controlled to behave as if they were [capable of being] domesticated. Ultimately, there is always the chance that the animal will tire of being unnaturally controlled and living against its own instincts that never, ever go away.

The lions fought back because they could no longer override the fact that they’re lions (again DUH) and they aren’t meant to live this kind of life. At varying points I’m betting those lions knew they were capable of overtaking their trainers, but chose not to at that time. Perhaps there was some sort of “lion reward” they imagined that included the freedom to be lions [whatever that may mean]. Maybe on this day the lions were tired and had endured too many performances with too many loud noises and simply had enough. Of course they’re lions – not humans – so the idea of having a “plan” seems silly, however, at the moment the first lion rebelled somehow that lion determined that there was nothing more important than asserting himself AS A FUCKING LION! (again DUHHHHHHHH!)

A lion is a lion is a lion. You can put one in your backyard until it grows from cute and cuddly lion cub to roaring awesomeness as King of the Jungle, but it will always be a damn lion. Not a goat. Not a dog. Not a bunny. A lion.

Expectations of others is always the cause of suffering, especially when those expectations clash mightily with the true nature of that person. One can be successful in “taming” another for a short period of time – maybe – but when that lion-like rebellion comes and it looks like an overreaction, it’s not. It’s a build up of a lifetime of pretending to be a groundhog or a fish when one is really, truly, no-doubt-about-it A LION.


11 thoughts on “The Lion vs. the Lion Tamer

      • I am a Sag with Cancer rising and my big planet, Jupiter is in Leo. No surprises when I say that I can relate too. In fact, with that astro mix, it should be no surprise to know that freedom is my no. 1 priority in all aspects of my life. Yeah, I get it.

      • LOLZ! Yeah, that certainly makes sense. It looked like a lion version of a warning shot to me…let’s face it, if the lion wanted to really mess him up, nothing would have stopped that lion short of death.

    • Haha! Thanks Rose!

      Interestingly since I discovered the video at the end of last week, I began with what might have been considered a squeak. It produced expected results. By the end of the weekend, I was in Roar Mode (respectfully roaring, of course, but roaring nonetheless). This week I have been staying at my apartment because that is what I need. No discussion, no persuasion, just action.

      I’m pacing myself and testing my newly recognized skills. I suspect there will be more. Lots more. All on my schedule 😉


      • Yay! I’m so happy you are gaining all of these skills. I do think it is a good thing for you to stay out your apartment, away from all of that toxicity and negative energy. And that is key — all on your schedule. 😀

      • Absolutely! I am very focused on reducing the amount of toxic and negative energy I expose myself to…being at my apartment is definitely a ginormous step in taking down my anxiety so I can detox. After only a few nights, I see the difference and H has commented that he sees a difference (of course, from his POV the comment had nothing to do with the apartment).

        Hey man, whatever works is what I’m going for. Nothing else is more important. Nothing.

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