OK, get centered before listening to this…

I don’t know much about Abraham Hicks and have listened sparingly to a few videos on YouTube. This one is entitled “Self Appreciation (Part 2)” and it hit me like a boot to the gut for several reasons. I wasn’t exactly centered when I listened to it for the first time this past Friday. I’ve listened to it at least once a day since then and the layers of truth and logic unfold differently and with deeper dimension each time. The forceful nature of the speaker against Beethoven’s classic Moonlight Sonata were jarring to me at first, yet I couldn’t stop listening.

Within the context of literally and figuratively fighting for one’s life, the message is as strong as it needs to be. For me, there is a clear call to action in the statement “You close the door when you think thoughts of lack about yourself.” The clearest call to action is interwoven throughout via the notion that everything in my life exists because I have built it that way. If I want something different than what is, it is clearly up to me to decide what that is and make it happen. Therefore, nothing can exist in my life unless I agree to it and allow it.

Yep, uh huh. So be it.


3 thoughts on “OK, get centered before listening to this…

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