What’s holding you back?



This was the question from my oldest son’s girlfriend today during casual conversation. She asked “so when are you going to start traveling? When are you gonna go some place?” I should my head, hoped to deflect and said “well things have been a little chaotic…” 

She didn’t drop her gaze. Looking at me. Wanting an answer. 


I looked at her thoughtfully and said “Of course the answer is the same as anybody else’s: me. It’s always that way, it’s just that some people don’t know it. So yeah, I’ve got that part. At least that’s what I pay $80/hour for someone to tell me (jesting).” 

She shook her head, pondering…and then conceded “Yep. I can understand that.”

The unspoken conversation that followed in the silence:

Her: So what are you gonna do about it?

Me: I’m working on it. 

Her: Good

Oldest son took it all in. 


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