What makes you happy?



Last summer, H asked me what makes me happy. This was because he truly didn’t know. I focused on career and scholarly stuff because that’s what I thought he was asking. He sort of scolded me, saying nothing I said had to do with family. Just the opposite. I was puzzled. I thought it was a mere misunderstanding due to an ambiguous question. Now I realize that the only thing I had that made me kind of happy was my work. I had complete autonomy over the path of my career. When I no longer derived satisfaction from it, or anything else in life for that matter, I chose the simple things I could do to get more involved/stay involved in my sons’ lives.

I’ve since explained to H that I misunderstood the question and that, of course, I derive happiness from my boys. Usually he floods me with more things “we need to do” to that end. Usually, I just stay satisfied with the fact that I found satisfaction in something.  Moreover, not just a something, the most important something. 


2 thoughts on “What makes you happy?

    • Diane,

      You bet! Since I’ve never really [primarily] thought about what makes me happy – only on a secondary and tertiary level, and after figuring out how to “steal the time/resources” so my wants/needs didn’t come before anyone else’s – this is quite foreign. I’m still not convinced but they say fake it ’til you make it right?

      Yeah baby!


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