The kiss

I want this. (What an amazing work!)

Words by Justin Case

It was a full moon that night
We were under the old oak tree
under a blanket of stars
and the full moon

She asked for a kiss
But not just any kiss
She wanted a special kiss

So I kissed her

It started as a soft kiss
on the tip of her nose
because that’s the
proper way to begin
to kiss a proper woman
My kiss continued down
to that place where her throat
meets her neck
Down, down, further down
and all the way until morning

I kissed her slowly
I made myself linger

I kissed her
on her lips
with our eyes closed
and our hearts open
It included soft moans
and a hard embrace

It was that kind of kiss

It was the kind of kiss
that lingered in our soul
A kiss that made our skin tingle
and our naughty bits swell
A kiss…

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