Needs Request



Because the scariest thing I can think of right now would be to ask H for what I need [given past punishment, in one form or another], I’m trying to work out a script. 

Freeform feedback is welcomed. 

Choice 1: As you know, I’ve been overwhelmed with stress and I’m feeling depressed. Sometimes you ask what you can do or what I need and I have a request: I want to clear everything off of my schedule for the next 5 days to concentrate on my health. Would you please take care of the boys? I will check in once a day to let you know I’m OK and would appreciate your understanding. 

Choice 2: I’m very depressed and one step away from hospitalization. I’d like to avoid that. I need solitude so I can get back on my feet. I would appreciate it if you would take care of the boys during this time. 

Choice 3: I have too much on my plate and need help. Please take the boys for the next few days. I’ve cleared my schedule at work and need to focus on my health. Will you please help?

Choice 4: IDK…Say nothing, recede into the wall…[not an option, but I’m fighting myself]


9 thoughts on “Needs Request

  1. I have to agree that number one is the best choice. At the same time, you have to feel comfortable with your request before you make it…so which one feels like you while still addressing H the way he will understand?

  2. Choice #1. Dammit, I wish I’d been here earlier. Something pulled me back here today, and now I know what. My friend is struggling. Dharma, email me. I hate to think that you are sitting there a million miles away at times like this. Shit, I wish I could teleport.

    • Doggone it, this was so kind Frank! As I told someone else who checked in with me (there have been several), I sort of went underground. Wowzers what a fast and crazy week.

      And yes, somebody should solve that damn teleport problem!

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