Muse: Madness

It is entertaining to think of pop songs within the context of dysfunction. As a musician I really get the idea of having one’s art as a “go to” for externalizing expression of feelings and thoughts. In fact, I’m pretty sure that being a musician saved my life on many occasions.

Pop songs like this one always have that double-edged meaning in which they can be interpreted across a continuum. This song is no exception. I’m hearing this now from the “relationships as addictions” POV. It makes me feel oddly hopeful because the singer finally realizes things for what they are. It doesn’t necessarily indicate “the end” but it does strongly suggest that the relationship – as it exists – is not healthy.

Can/should the relationship be fixed? Hmmm…


2 thoughts on “Muse: Madness

  1. This is a good song actually….despite all the mur-mur of the synths…well surprisingly because of it. I do not like the album as much as earlier highs….but I do like this one…

  2. and yes, you are right, a lot of Muse songs are like that….sort of open to multiple readings (which means their songs do have lyrics worth hearing)….

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