“We” vs. “I”



Whenever H delegates something to me or checks up on whether or not something has been accomplished/completed, he says “Did we turn in the form for ______?” or “We need to do _______.” We = me.

Tonight at dinner, H and my oldest son were discussing him getting a car. “I will buy you a car if…” I was stunned. We’ve talked about this…then, it came out 3 more times. I sat motionless, looking at him and realizing he has zero idea how this minimizes me, even though I’ve told him. He has zero idea that he is, in fact, teaching our boys that HE has the $$ power which teaches them how to treat their future partners. 

What happened to “we”? 

HE throws the parties.

HE gives the gifts for weddings, graduations, whatever.

HE takes care of everything that has any dimension of reward for someone else, even if *I* did all of the work.

I’m not angry about this, just sort of perplexed. Shaking my head. What’s the deal man, seriously. 

Oh yes, WE will talk about it, because WE are done with the lack of respect. 


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