Haha! Yes, now I remember this bridge…



I contacted a counselor today and we spoke by phone. The woman is incredibly busy and just came back from vacation. She couldn’t see me until next week and even then if might be irregular. I didn’t schedule anything because I feel like I need to get in to someone ASAP. She told me if I didn’t find anything this week, to call her back. I then called a local counseling center and the very young man on the other end of the phone didn’t know much about anything because he was new. I told him he could call me back once he has the information. Being new can be tough…

OK, so that’s one thing.

The next thing: I had forgotten how hard it is to give a concise picture of what I am looking for, let alone describe my situation.

[mind. blown.] 

I decided to break it down into chunks rather than trying to cross the whole bridge at once.

What do I need?

  • A counselor who specializes in C-PTSD with dissociative features and full-on depression.
  • An appointment ASAP.
  • Potentially someone who is experienced in EMDR.
  • Someone close.
  • Someone in my insurance network. 

What would I like?

  • Someone who would consider Skype appointments who meets all of the above criteria 🙂

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