Masculine, Feminine, Dominance and the Love Dance

No, I do not need to be completed. I’m complete as I am and always have been. H told me that he thought I was the type of woman who didn’t need a man. He was right. I’d like [the right] one, but I will continue to breathe if not…


masculine feminine dancing

I am sensitive to dominance. Recently, I was on a date at a posh local restaurant/bar. My quick-witted companion effortlessly chatted up the waiter while simultaneously making me laugh. His deep voice and confident demeanor made it easy for me to sit back and let him lead. Half-way through the night I noticed I wasn’t talking very much. I was primarily in response mode with little original contribution of my own. I felt smaller in my chair — posture deteriorating, voice quieter. At one point my date even said, I’m going to answer this question and then I want to hear about YOU.

I got my chance to talk. I was about four sentences in, telling of my passion for the community and subject-matter that is space2live and how excited I am about using Myers-Briggs to help people gain self-awareness… when the waiter showed up and asked how the sea…

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