Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport Departures Panorama

Wow! ❤

Don Charisma

I like this effect of two tunnels, where in fact there is only one tunnel … trick of the panorama 🙂

One cannot ignore the majesty of the internals of these huge structures like airports. Fish-eye/wide-angle lens or panorama is the only way photographically take in the whole thing. I only have iPhone without attachments, so panorama it is …

They make you check in 3 hours before the flight, so usually there is plenty of time for exploring the departures area. More photos from Suvarnabhumi airport later 🙂

This was taken as two photos, a top and a bottom, as panoramas in the their own right on my iPhone 4S. The merged using Microsoft ICE.

Worth clicking on image, there’s a larger pixel size behind.

Taken in Thailand, (c) Don Charisma 2014

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