But wait, here’s the punch line:

When I said I was afraid of saying the wrong thing and that he would get angry, he told me “then this relationship is over. I can’t be with anyone who is afraid of me.” 

Like it was the most ridiculous thing ever! 

Push me away – pull me in – push – pull – push – pull…

No. This part of the ride has ended for me. Get help. Please.


2 thoughts on “But wait, here’s the punch line:

  1. Interesting. What he’s saying is that it’s *your* fault for being afraid, and not his for behaving in such a way as to provoke fear. Buck passed nicely, from his perspective. My ex-wife did this on a daily basis, which is why I recognised it so easily.

    • Exactly. I pointed this out, respectfully, and that was essentially the response. What followed was a flooding of various problems that pointed back to me and my sons. He’s not hearing his own words and I can’t do it for him.

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