Learn from my mistakes, I tried to think my way out and ended up agoraphobic, scared out of my mind……..

Here is the thing I’d been searching for all day. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude!

C PTSD - A Way Out

Healing is near impossible in that space.
Give up thinking your way out, please.
Accept without judgment, right here, right now, exactly as it is.
No improvement, accomplishment, title, power, money or status in the future will change a damn thing, really.
Knowledge, intelligence maybe even wisdom, do not lead to mental well-being, living fully or knowing where happiness resides.
It takes courage to let go and observe fear, anger, trauma and abuse, then not react.
I found out, PTSD fear was delusional, memory based, fueled by fight or flight drugs, released mistakenly by the amygdala.
These fears are transparent, held in the amygdala, they can be integrated to present moment with focus and an empty mind.
How will you ever know, if you do not focus and let go once and observe, the healing power contained in this simple…

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