End of the semester blues…



I have been buried in grading and other administrative garbage for weeks. By Monday, everything will be completed. By Monday night, I may be deceased. [kidding, maybe…]

My grad students are whining and my other students are being troopers. This term has been the worst in terms of my opinion of my performance. Yeah, I guess I’ve had some “stuff” going on. 

But hey, I’m still VERTICAL. I’ve missed my blogging friends and will have a little more “me” time once the onslaught has ceased. I try to check in as much as possible but frankly, I am quite deflated at the end of the day and don’t have additional words to offer – because words are what I “do” as a prof. This is probably why my most coveted rabbit holes exist in diagrams and formulae. Unfortunately, most humans do not communicate well through such abstractions without at least a few words here and there.

I digress. And now I sleep. ❤


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