Pulling The Trigger

What a great perspective!

Message in a Bottle

I don’t believe in triggers.

There.  I said it.

I know that there are many people who swear by them, and that the term “trigger” is found in the recovery lexicon.  It’s somewhat ingrained in the collective psyche of those who suffer from alcoholism and with those who work with them.  I have heard the term in AA meetings, in treatment, on recovery forums (AA based and non-AA based), on blogs, in mainstream media, and in countless talks and seminars.  It’s something that we see taught to see as a part of recovery, as something to be managed or overcome.

But I still don’t believe in triggers.

When I was in treatment, we were mandated to hit several meeting a week, whether it be AA or CA or NA, depending on our “drug-of-choice” (or “drug-of-no-choice” as I like to call it).   At one point, I asked one of the guys there, an…

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