Waking up is hard to do…

I woke up very early and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m very troubled by my [lack] of career path. I signed in to Linkedin yesterday and read my overview and it hit me hard in the face that I am nowhere near the place where I started a few years ago. I tried to conduct research and teach. I’m teaching my ass off but doing no research whatsoever. This realization is on the heels of my decision to start looking around for alt-PhD careers because the environment in higher ed is becoming intolerable, at least where I am currently.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Maybe it’s PMS. Or, maybe, I’m just realizing that if I don’t get unstuck that my dreams will have died a premature and very sad death.

What do you want little girl? What do you want? Decide, then chase it down like a dog on the hunt.


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