Stuck, mostly



I’m quite behind in my work. I’m hardly ever behind, but it happens. Usually I can regroup fairly quickly, but this one is sticky. Feeling stuck in my job has manifested inward and I’m having tremendous trouble with motivation. I made a dent in the mud today, and if I can accomplish just a few more things I’ll feel better. However, I am not sure I can stomach it. 

My burnout is probably a combination of the drain from all of the personal work I’ve been doing and the inwardly manifested frustration. I’ve become much better at allowing these things rather than fighting them but I’ve given up a fair amount of discipline and structure to do it. My thought is that the discipline and structure will return as they are deeply ingrained habits and workflows. In the meanwhile, I’m visualizing balance.

Have I ever mentioned that I really suck at balance? 🙂


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