So what did we learn?



Disclosure: I was doin’ fine but gave in and took the bait late last evening. I’ll explain later because only the outcome matters. I cried my eyes out for the last 24 hours and pulled myself together to teach HRM and my 4-hour Entrepreneurship intensive. Good stuff but wow did I have to pull from the reserves. The entrepreneurship course is totally freeform and relies on my acting as a consultant. This particular class has outstanding projects from my PM course and is blowing the doors off this thing! We are only 1/2 way in too. This is where it gets exciting folks. Today, I knew why I do what I do. In between, I bawled like a little girl. 

Eh. Balance. Whatever. 

So what did we learn? (This is the question I ask every student in every course when things go awry. I dig and dig and dig until I hear something authentic and unique.)

Here’s what I learned: I am doing the right thing. Yes, H’s words can bring me to my knees – even still. I see this as programming. Rewriting the code is an extensive proposition. Many times it’s easier to initially build than disassemble or migrate. Build or buy? Can’t buy it, woulda done that by now. Gotta build it. Remove the old first to make room for more efficient and sophisticated upgrades. 

I’m in the shop with a Mad Scientist (me!) looking down over lowered glasses perched about the nose. It is all good. 


One thought on “So what did we learn?

  1. I took a long time (17 years of marriage) to identify, acknowledge, accept, and ultimately break away from his patterns of control and abuse.
    But when I realized I deserve more … I turned a corner and the journey to me became clearer.
    You my dear are an amazing human being !!!
    Rock On !!!

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