The 15 Characteristics of Verbal Abuse

I’ve read this book cover to cover twice. Thrice may be in order.


2 thoughts on “The 15 Characteristics of Verbal Abuse

  1. My ex fits this bill to a T. Sadly, my son has to now deal with it and is in therapy. I’m going to read Evans’ book so I can help him and get even better about not being disappointed, degraded or “taking the bait.”

    • I am also seeing the trickle-down effect in my 17 year old and a little in my 10 year old. [smh] What a drag. Both are boys so both H and I realize this is really, really important to understand and nip in the bud. We simply have to do better than our families of origin. It’s not like there’s a choice here…[sigh]

      Hang in there, don’t lose heart. Your efforts are important and will make a difference. I believe that!

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