Goverment Shutdown – A message from Anonymous

People should be talking about this, whether or not they believe it will happen. This is an important conversation to have, all inclusive. In order to do that, we must learn to have a dialogue instead of out-powering each other. Whether or not anything actually happens is irrelevant. It’s time to address root causes. What are the issues? How do they affect all of us? How can we change for the collective better? Indeed, it is idealistic to believe in something as awesome such as collective change. Indeed, we are in an unprecedented civilization-wide fork in the road. Indeed, we cannot run from our problems any longer. Consider the possibilities: change or try to survive in a massively disrupted society. To whatever degree We choose, We have to take responsibility for humanity. I cannot continue to be a Political Atheist. It flies in the face of the wonderful people I am in contact with every day. We need leadership! We need to save ourselves from ourselves. The symptoms of our daily struggles seem to suggest that we are focusing on us as individuals without remembering we are one tiny part of a whole. Nonetheless, change has to happen on the individual level to facilitate change in the sum. We have to have these conversations. Now.

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3 thoughts on “Goverment Shutdown – A message from Anonymous

  1. Wow “being the change you want to see in the world” … Looks a little different that way.
    Thought provoking nonetheless. I like this today’s note from the universe :::

    “Whoa! Happy days! Rock on!
    I just read about you in the Universal Times! The Universal Times! Sure enough, there you were, picture and all, “…this exemplary Being of Light, residing on planet Earth”—I said to myself, “I know that Being of Light!!”—“has been awarded the Double-Secret Medal of Honor for bravery and valor in seeing through the illusions of Time and Space!”

    Now, this is no little thing! It’s huge! Because even while “Time~Space” is a primitive school, it’s still the most hypnotic adventure ever dreamed up. In fact, only the most courageous are even allowed to participate. And of these, only a teensy, tiny percentage ever come to realize that it’s all illusions; that they craft their own destinies; and that in spite of all physical appearances to the contrary, any life can turn around on a dime. Fewer still receive the Double-Secret Award! “My word, you are extraordinary, and it’s about time you received the recognition you deserve. But there’s a reason it’s “double-secret.” If you share this news with lesser mortals…let’s not go there.



    The Universe

    PS—You looked smashing in white, but what’s with the hat and feathers?

    PPS—Now, remember why you won.”

    Excerpt From: Dooley, Mike. “Notes from the Universe.” Simon and Schuster, 2007. iBooks.
    This material may be protected

    Rock on !!

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