The Disrespectors




I am seriously tired of dealing with that 10% of my students at the two year level who are disrespectful. Disrespect comes in a variety of ways, many of which I can deal with quickly and unambiguously, but there are times when the “it’s not fair” whining and judgmental crap really pisses me off. I’m tired of people who cannot even put together a complete sentence telling me how THEY think I should be doing my job. I’m tired of pushing back toward existing processes over and over, only to have to repeat the same damn thing *one more time*. Follow the process. Follow the process. Follow the process. Read your stuff. Read your stuff. Read your stuff. Do your work. Do your work. Do your work. 

I recently read a report that stated the #1 least stressful job was that of a professor. OK, hold the phone…there’s a great deal of variance from what I do at the two year level to what I do at the graduate level (two different institutions) and an enormous variance in the type of “customer” I serve at both places. I’m not tenure-track faculty because those jobs are scarce these days so my research agenda is a faint memory at the moment and I literally KILL myself trying to answer questions 24/7 and redirect students to the answers I’ve already given. What do you think the STRESS is surrounding my “career” prospects at this point, let alone just getting my job done. Then I have to deal with thugs who attempt to bully me and power play until I have to shut them down and let them know I’m not all Stepford Wife like they assumed…[in their “defense”, I probably look like a Stepford Wife with my pencil skirt suits and pearls…whatever]. C’mon man! I’d make more $$ as somebody’s administrative assistant – do you really think I’ve signed up for this shit?

Nobody stayed up all night doing my “stuff” when I pursued my education over many, many years. There’s nobody to stay up all night to do my “stuff” now! Why would a student think they are going to “get” something by backing me into a corner or whining or bitching or disrespecting me? 

And why would I want to continue to deal with it…


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