Time to fire up the C.V. – or the resume – depending…


I love being a professor, mentor, advisor, and scholar. I do *not* love what is happening in higher ed and, specifically, what that means for my career. I may expand later but the point is simple: it’s time to consider options. This is not what I signed up for before the higher ed bubble began bursting…actually, it’s more like a verrrry longggggg passing of gas that is leading up to something very messy. The writing is on the wall and I don’t believe I’ll be sticking around for the splat. I’m grateful for the options I’ve been able to cultivate because I have more than a few choices. All of them pay better but that’s not my motivation for choosing higher ed in the first place. I must say that I was very idealistic about the ivory tower before having “arrived”. I will never stop believing in what I do or why I do but I can’t do what I do best if I’m constantly worrying about downward pressure regarding completion rates. I will not participate in grade inflation. Students can bitch until the end of the time if they want but I am not unreasonable; I hold them accountable. Dude, if you want “the thing” (diploma) you gotta do “the stuff” (the work) and if you don’t do the stuff, ya can’t get the thing. See?


6 thoughts on “Time to fire up the C.V. – or the resume – depending…

  1. I noted that you are a sag. too. I was born Dec 17th. We are both wise and smart. Although you are female and therefore smarter than me. Just curious where are you located?

  2. I also had the grade problem. In one college they insisted that we did not fail anyone. Yet when I caved in and gave a C to a student and he sued to get back the money he had used to take the class they ended up firing me. Either way I lost. I should have stuck up for the principals and gotten fired for the higher order of things.

    • I would like to think that times have changed but that would be foolish I suspect. Fortunately, my time industry and legal has solidified my documentation habit. While it is unfortunate that everything should be viewed as potential case, the documentation habit is a best practice whether or not legal action comes to fruition.

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