OMG Seriously??


I just had to finally go out and tell my neighbors to stop fighting with each other in the stairwell after they’ve slammed their doors like 55 times since before 10:30 p.m. My 10 year old is asking “what was that?” every 5 minutes and the dog barks every time they raise their voices. The girlfriend is freaking WAILING and the boyfriend is trying to shush her but she kept wailing louder. I finally got my “Mom” on and went out and said “Hey, I’m trying to get my kid to sleep and I have to work in the morning. I know you’re going through some shit but make it stop. Thanks.” He kept pointing to her like “it’s her fault” and I gave him the hand (i.e., don’t wanna hear it dude) and I walked away. I know the guy fairly well and he just had that “Oh crap” face accompanied by a grimace. She just sobbed on, but much quieter.

Good grief children! Come on!

I’m sitting here realizing that I was beyond direct. Sagittarius style. Most of the time I embody more of my Cancer ascendant but sleep is serious business y’all. 🙂


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