The Brink Of A New Discovery



.“What shall I do today?”  She thought as she brushed her hair a thousand times.
“I will put on the pink dress with the tiny white dots. I will dust the furniture and teach the cat to fetch…”
And just then, a strange wind pried open her bedroom window and she suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to spin and howl, to jump on her freshly made bed with her eyes shut tight.
In other words, she was on the brink of a new discovery…

Extract from: The Persistence Of Yellow by Monique Duval


There’s something about Monique Duval and her little thoughtful writings in her book ‘The Persistence of Yellow’ that just makes me laugh out loud, and very much appeals to my inner child.  I hope her words today make you laugh a little too! 😀


Picture ➡ Love In The Air by happydoodle…

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