Who I Really Am

Is it love or an illusion? This question has been on my mind a lot lately and the reblog succinctly articulates the question behind the question.

Broken Hearts Anonymous

broken20heart1It took a while to sort out, but I don’t think you were ever in love with me. Maybe you fell for someone you wanted me to be or thought you could make me into. You never took the time to know who I really am and see if you could love that person. J.J.


Many people do not fall in love;
they fall in love with the idea
of themselves being in love.
They never see the other person.
I don’t ask for much;
I only ask to be seen.
C. JoyBell C.

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2 thoughts on “Who I Really Am

  1. i agree with that, i think to some extent, we all fall in love with an image of sorts, of what we always wanted to fall in love with… we also tend to focus on the parts that are familiar to us. the parts we like.

    it takes a really long time to really see the differences.

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