The best kid excuse in the world…


My youngest son will invariably claim a tummy ache when he doesn’t want to do something (e.g., go to school, take the dog outside, empty the trash, whatever). Sometimes though, he does have a tummy ache and, of course, I do the proper mommy thing and soothe him.

My tummy ache has been going on since Friday. I have bouts with IBS that last about 3-4 days and I feel really fortunate that they don’t happen often. I also don’t have some of the “all or nothing” symptoms that many do but I have terrible pain from the spasms. In this case, I thought I had been handling my stress quite well – and externally I had. Internally, it manifested in my gut. It’s quite possible that it truly was something working its way through my system, as I had surmised in an earlier post. I’ve been content to not eat a whole lot and sleep whenever I feel like it.

I could have taken H up on his offer to bring Alka Seltzer last night but I didn’t. It may be kind of counter dependent, but it was also late and I rationalized that it would have been silly for him to drive over here. Trouble was, I didn’t feel good enough to get to even a convenience store down the road so I sort of chose sleep vs. suffering. If I going to do this on my own, then I have to do this on my own right? Right. These things will happen. No time like the present to figure it out or otherwise cope.

So what did we learn? Avoid the IBS and get hold of the stress.

Uh huh.

And what else do we know? That the lesson will keep coming back until learning has been achieved.

Uh huh. yikes.

A strategy is needed. I’m on it.


2 thoughts on “The best kid excuse in the world…

  1. I tend to get reflux when I stress. Sometimes a trigger can send me into the bathroom to vomit almost immediately….sometimes it takes half a day. I can tell how well I am handling things by whether my stomach is reacting…and if it’s reacting then I am probably trying to avoid the truth of the situation or I’ve allowed myself to be overwhelmed by it. I let my stomach guide me.

    • It’s a pretty logical occurrence I guess. It’s also part of the effects of my Hashimoto’s so I need to take a good look at my diet (aghennn…) and make amends with my gut. 😀

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