Breaking loose


Something is happening…

The past few weeks have been manic. The kids have gone back to school, I am adjusting to my much needed separation from H, and my students are getting into their groove. Despite all of the running around I am feeling quite grounded and am exploding with energy that is far larger than myself. I am feeling a clarity and calm that I haven’t felt in quite awhile. My mind is teeming with diagrams, models, frameworks, and ideas.

It’s time to identify my dreams and develop plans. I don’t know how much longer I will be in higher ed as a prof and the prospect of directing my energies toward something new and exciting via my consulting business is relentlessly grabbing my attention.

It’s time to create something.


2 thoughts on “Breaking loose

    • Thanks! I’m a little giddy but kind of edgy at the moment. It’s amazing though how quickly I can now get hold of understanding what is happening to me and work to redirect. Sometimes I have to do that redirect thing several times…ermmm…working on it. 😀

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