The rule of 3s and the Great Blue Heron


And there he was, again…Today I was at the apartment for a few hours to clean and move furniture. Clearly I don’t know  what to do with myself sometimes…but I do like the reconfiguration. I stepped outside to water a plant and BOOM! There he was on the roof inches away from my balcony. I startled him and before he flew away, he turned his head and massively long neck to look back at me. When he spread his wings and flapped away it sounded like big tent flaps blowing in the wind. The thing is huge. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t leave my 3rd floor balcony door open all of the time or the thing might be sitting on the love seat next to me. [Believe me, the bird poo volume from this guy is far from being  ok in terms of domestic standards!]

Herons have many symbolic meanings which differ by culture. A list I came upon this evening includes:

Symbolic Meaning of the Heron

  • Calm
  • Grace
  • Solitude
  • Patience
  • Longevity
  • Versatility
  • Tranquility
  • Good Luck
  • Partnership
  • Intelligence
  • Domesticity
  • Being Present
  • Determination
  • Independence
  • Resourcefulness

This is the third sighting of the Great Blue Heron at my door. Three is significant. It’s time.


5 thoughts on “The rule of 3s and the Great Blue Heron

  1. How appropriate! I recently wrote an article for our local paper (to be published as part of The Big Read project in my county in October) about symbolism and birds. I, of course, mentioned the blue heron because of my novel. Thank you so much for finding me and sharing this. I take this as a good sign!

    • My pleasure! I’ve sometimes seen herons here and there over my lifetime but it’s been rare. Therefore, seeing this ginormous bird up close and personal – 3 times! – in the recent past, was intriguing. I began to think about whether or not there was a meaning behind it [my scientific brain is a skeptic] and thought whether or not there actually was, the idea of the symbolism was applicable.

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