Lack of cooperation cloaked within the guise of cooperation


I cannot persuade him to cooperate with me. He keeps coming up with reasons why I should not move out at all. I am feeling more trapped along with mounting frustration and resentment. He keeps telling me that marriage counseling will probably take away the need I feel to move out. I disagree. I need a damn break.

I wake up every morning crying in one form or another. I am emotionally drained.

Since I am not getting cooperation of any kind and it does not look like anything I do will satisfy him, I feel like I am being pushed to make the decision myself and then have to deal with the guaranteed negative consequences. I am so ANGRY at him for making this situation much harder than it has to be.


6 thoughts on “Lack of cooperation cloaked within the guise of cooperation

  1. Moving out was the single best thing I did. The distance alone mitigates the consequences. Add a rule saying no communication during the separation except via email. If he violates it block his messages from coming in. Create a folder for his email…don’t allow it directly in your inbox (gmail is great for this). Pick a time each day or every other day when you feel like you can deal with him. Check that folder only once….if there is nothing there do not check again until the next day. If the emails are not relational or child centered and feel like bashing then save a copy for any future legal action. Politely enforce that everything must follow YOUR rules. Get your own space….and again. BREATHE

    • the distance alone mitigates the consequences…I have to repeat that to myself over and over…

      No contact is really a challenge though I know you’re right. Yes, I do need to breathe!!

  2. Just wanted to drop in and say I’m thinking of you. I was wondering how you were while I hadn’t been blogging much. I wish I could give you some of the positivity and light I feel at the minute. Mega hugs. ❤

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