CS agreement is almost finalized!


It’s taken me dayzzzzzz but…[read on]I’m almost finished. H has been essentially pretending that it’s not going to happen, saying things like “I don’t know why we’re separating anyway.” OMG. I’m not even listening to you anymore. He had his final interview for the job today and was walking on air then crashed with negativity this afternoon. I’ve been supportive and empathized because I have experienced terrible rejection in connection with and since earning my PhD. It’s a rough world and the best person does not always get the job. I reminded him of the resurgence of creative thought processes he’s had, regardless of the outcome. I also reminded him that it is not worth obsessing over until he knows. Been there, done that, honestly, I’d be feeling the same way but with a different manifestation.

I’ve been working on this agreement for about 2 days and feel pretty good about the wording. I’m detail oriented and my past life in legal has served me well. I’ve been taking out all of the legalese and softening the tone but so far, so good. I’m thinking of posting parts of it here.

The bottom line is that my mental health has been so much better since I’ve gotten over this hump. Even though I’m still here and feeling quite nuts, and I know telling the kids will not be a walk in the park, I know I’m doing the right thing.

My therapist will probably have a stroke when I tell her I finally did it. 🙂 I hope not, I like her!


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