Controlled Separation Agreement, Part 8


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Length and termination of agreement

We agree our separation will begin on Thursday, July 18, 2013 and can be as short as we’d like, as long as we both agree, up through the remainder of D’s lease. At the end of that time, we can renegotiate the agreement and extend the contract and time apart, if necessary. As stated above, throughout this process we will honor the each others’ feelings and recognize that this process is intended to give us the time and structure we need to make sound decisions as to what is best for our marriage and our children. At any time during the separation, one or both of us can suggest modification or termination of the separation agreement.



7 thoughts on “Controlled Separation Agreement, Part 8

  1. So do you think this is just “time out” for each of you? Or is there a possibility that this is the beginning of the end for your marriage?

    • Both outcomes are possible. We are aware of the risks but we are also at a point of extreme crisis so we are willing to assume those risks. There is no downside because if we can’t make it work or end up not wanting to make it work, we have a framework upon which we can at least go forward amicably, having removed some of the fear of the unknown.


  2. This is really great. Did you come up with all of this on your own? I may need to borrow pieces of it. When is your lease up? Just curious. We have a looming housing deadline on the other side as well.

    • My lease is up sometime in October. I have purposely avoided looking at the date.

      I found a few templates online that really didn’t have a lot of detail. I modified everything to fit our situation. Use what you’d like! Glad to help!

  3. This was very helpful in creating my own healing separation contract. I like that it is very detailed. I modified it to fit our individual family needs, but not much modification was needed. We are also at critical mass so hoping this emotional respite provides a positive outcome. Thank you for providing this framework!

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