Controlled Separation Agreement, Part 2



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Our Healing Separation


  • To provide time and emotional space outside of the love relationship so we can enhance our personal, social, spiritual, and emotional growth.
  • To better identify our individual needs, wants, and expectations of our love relationship.
  • To help us, as individuals, explore what our basic relationship needs are and to help each of us determine if those needs can be met in this relationship.
  • To allow us, as individuals, to work through our process better while living apart than we can in the current situation. 
  • To experience enough emotional distance so we can separate our individual issues from partnership issues, which have understandably become convoluted and mixed together.
  • To provide an environment conducive to helping our relationship heal, transform, and evolve into a more loving and healthy relationship.

Potential positive outcomes

  • Alleviate fighting by reducing the chance for impulsive actions/reactions that escalate into unproductive or destructive conflict.
  • Provide the space needed to think rationally and see each other with a fresh perspective.
  • Remove any “noise” so that we can each assess our roles in the marital problems. 
  • Provide an opportunity for a true test of how we feel about each other once we do not see each other as regularly. 

2 thoughts on “Controlled Separation Agreement, Part 2

  1. You are certainly being thorough and it sounds like you are presenting it all as something positive, which is right, of course.

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