Sleep + binaural beats & isochronic tones = ahhhh…


Last night I downloaded SleepStream 2 on my iPad. I’ve read quite a bit on binaural beats and isochronic tones (i.e.,  sound therapy) and found the neuroscience compelling. I turned on the Sleep Phase Follower (SPF) right before I closed my eyes and had one of the best nights of sleep that I can remember. The SPF progresses through the stages of Theta, Delta, REM & Spindle waves and is designed to follow the natural human sleep cycle. I had the volume up as loud as it would go on my iPad and made sure to turn off the wireless because I wanted to reduce electromagnetic interference as much as possible. I could hardly hear it and the sounds were like a very gentle drone or “om” that lulled me into a beautifully relaxing and complete dream state. I slept for nearly 9 hours, which is the most I’ve slept in…well…I don’t know how long.

I started using the iHome Sleep app to track my sleep patterns at the end of May and have logged over 246 hours of sleep for an average of 6.9 hours per day. I identified patterns of less sleep that corresponded with periods of extreme stress and clearly observed that my lack of sleep was exacerbated during these times. I posited that lack of sleep impaired my ability to adequately address stress and turned my attention toward the negative physical and psychological effects as a result of sleep deprivation. While there are many robust studies that suggest similar outcomes, I guess I had to perform this experiment on my own to accept the potential generalizability. [I’m always going to be the scientific researcher…giggles!]

I actually feel good this morning and am having an easier time pushing back the threatening anxiety that usually runs my world at about this time of day. I’m looking forward to more experimentation with things such as guided meditation with binaural beats as I know the power of meditation from experience. The difficulty I sometimes experience in getting myself into a meditative state can perhaps be lessened with the layering of binaural beats over guided meditation and I’m excited to try it.

The power of the human mind is immense and scientists are making unbelievable discoveries through research. None of it matters, however, if we cannot use such power in our daily lives to assist us in becoming who we are meant to be.

I’m in!

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3 thoughts on “Sleep + binaural beats & isochronic tones = ahhhh…

  1. Very intriguing! Sleep really does go a long way. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow (probably the meds). If my mood isn’t depressed, I will start to waken about 6am. I’m rarely still in bed after 7am. However, I find that if I have a nap in the afternoon, I am in a better frame of mind at night. In saying that, whenever my mood is in a “normal” mode, I would never dream of having an afternoon nap.

    • You make an important point regarding mood; I find that if my emotions are somewhat dysregulated (e.g., patterns of behavior that cycle) I am fatigued. It must take a lot of energy for me to fight and sort it out because on those days, I could definitely take a nap.

      • I always judge my mood on the amount of sleep. I can go to bed at 10pm and not waken until at least 10am, and then I will have the cheek to take a 2hr afternoon nap! It took a long time to accept, but now I go with it.

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