Something you should know about me…


My undergraduate degree is in conflict theory and resolution and have advanced mediation training. I wrote a thesis on the transferability of the skills of alternate dispute resolution training to non-ADR jobs. The only reason I didn’t go hard at mediation when I finished all of this about 8-9 years ago was because the only demand was in the family court systems. I knew with my history with Greg’s ex and his kids, as well as the turmoil I endured [and tried to save him from…that’s another story], it would render me unable to feel that I could be entirely objective.

Disclaimer: this does not make me an expert in solving my own conflicts. It’s far easier to solve others’ conflicts because the mediator owns the process not the problem. In fact, I may be blind to some very basic things because of emotion (i.e., subjectivity). However, my training and education does provide me with tools toward rational thinking. Once I calm down, I know they’re there. I have studied every model, theory, approach, you name it, with regard to individual and group communication and conflict. I teach this stuff within the larger scope of my discipline. I use it when I consult.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me when I get the deer in headlights thing going on.

BTW, I told Greg last night I’m not doing that anymore after he made fun of my jumpiness. Dude, that was damn low. And this wasn’t the episode that I can’t remember from the previous post either. It must have been really bad because I am totally blocked.

So there you have it.


4 thoughts on “Something you should know about me…

  1. My education isn’t as specialised but previous counselling training and experience makes me better placed than many to work through personal issues on my own. However, this is only possible when the storm calms. It’s no surprise you are feeling totally blocked, but don’t try to push it. Give yourself ‘X’ amount of time to recharge the batteries; seeing things in a different, more balanced light comes in its own time.

    • Good points Cat. I’m still a little puzzled by the fact that I cannot remember what exactly it was that set me off. I know what he did/said [sort of] but it’s interesting that I’ve blocked out the details. I don’t believe that’s happened before. An objective part of me echoes your sentiments here. The reinforcement is much appreciated, as always.

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