Tears…serving a purpose


Tears serve a purpose. They are a manifestation of emotions and feelings that drive us from the inside out. When tears come out they also bring what is within that needs to be externalized. 

Every morning, well most mornings, I wake up crying. It is an automatic response to what I consider to be “coming out of anesthesia” [sleep]. Coming out of sleep represents moving away from the much-needed, craved-for release from the pressure that is my day-to-day struggle at the moment. If I don’t work to understand what lessons those tears bring with them, I will never move forward in life. I know this, yet, I also know that the most difficult part is the action that should follow thought. 

Heed the prompt. Learn the lessons. Understand. Rehabilitate. No fear. Only truth. 


5 thoughts on “Tears…serving a purpose

    • Awww thanks Frank. Yesterday was emotionally draining for me [writing about that in a bit] and I’m in an interesting place this morning. I have to feel that all of these struggles are for a reason and that there will be something important to come from it all. Nihilism doesn’t become me. 🙂

    • Thank you. I hope so. Today has been hard to tolerate. I need to write about last night to exorcise the demons, if you will.

      I just so desperately want to be happy. It’s not my nature to be unhappy. This has gone on too long.

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