Bratty Me. Just deal with it.


I recognize that being bratty comes with a price to be paid once your bratty allowance has been spent. I haven’t been collecting my allowance for years, but I really don’t need to buy that much candy so I’m mindful of limits.

So I’ve been bratty. Just deal with it.

And so I shall.

I read a lovely post by Miss Amanda Jane on Blogger entitled “Mirror Mirror on the Wall…Who’s The…Uh…” where she discusses brattyness and its adverse effects. On the brat. The author wrote “The thing is, I am not this person. At all. Realizing I was acting like this is terrifying to me. I am a positive person. A deeper soul. I write. I sing. I laugh at everything. I dance all over the house when I am alone. My curl up with my son in a fit of giggles over farts and boogers and the word wiener. More than that, I am expressive. Lately, I succumbed to pressures of every day life, rather than dealing with them. I had closed all those doors and let things build up inside me like steam with no pressure valve. But that pressure was leaking out of me through the cracks and the loose rivets, and it was burning people around me. I was so self consumed, I didn’t know. I didn’t see. I didn’t realize.”

Oh man. Yes. I get it. I’m so glad to have read this reminder. Thanks Amanda!


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