Dealing with his anger


Greg texted me this morning wanting to know when I expected to return today. I told him this evening and asked him if he was busy. I was thinking of calling him to say hi, nothing heavy. He texted back saying it was not a good time. “Sorry.”

My old friends Fear and Anxiety showed up just to exacerbate the situation. [Thanks guys.] I tried to catch and release but it was a no go. I thought writing about it would help.

So what am I afraid of? His anger and my reaction. I’ve done nothing wrong and he must be in a dwelling-on-anger mode. Maybe it’s separation anxiety? Maybe he is feeling abandoned.

OK stop: Why am *I* dwelling on what he might be feeling?

Ugh! How can I deal with this?? I’m so tired of this cycle.

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6 thoughts on “Dealing with his anger

    • I have had an apartment for 2 months but Greg’s resistance has kept me from living there. I left on Friday because I was an anxious wreck. I have been much better since I’ve not been around him and he has honored my need for space. I was afraid that his frustration and anger would boil over in one way or another and I’m betting I’m not wrong.

      • No problems in that area.

        Being the “good little codependent” I feel like I have to face him later today or else he will throw up in my face what a bad mother I am, how I left him with the kids for the weekend, how it was just like when I was periodically away during my PhD, and how horrible he has felt the past two days and nights. Guilt. Shame. I’m afraid he’ll unload it all which will damage me further and compromise my recovery.

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