Waking up (in the literal sense)


So apparently I made it through the night and so did He, though I haven’t had contact with him.

My morning rhythm is generally accompanied by music in the following categorical order:

  • Baroque or some form of classical. Mozart is the bomb.
  • Rasa, Deva Premal
  • Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Nicodemus, belly dance type stuff
  • Trance grooves
  • Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews

Among other things, I am a musician so music is very important to me. I find it soothes me or, alternatively, plucks my nerves. Vivaldi can become annoying rather quickly and goes from rajasic to tamasic if I don’t turn it off prior to the point of aggravation.

This is what I like my mornings to be. Quiet. Predictable. Soothing me into my day. I don’t have these things when I’m with Greg as he has no appreciation for classical or ethnic music in the way that I do. It’s nice to be alone or absent of that feeling of pleasing him.


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