Dance it out!


Tonight I danced for a vigorous 30 minutes. I had so much to release and I’m still tense, but something definitely broke loose. My energies were all blocked and to Ida to Pingala through the shushumna was kind of a shocking thing. I’ve been disconnected from my body. Belly dance is great for this sort of thing.

I’m fighting feeling bummed and texting Greg. He didn’t say anything when I left. He was as perfect of a gentleman as I’ve ever seen him be. Neutral feelings or none shown. He was the antithesis of emotion. That scares me a little. [No, I don’t know why – before you ask!] /smile

If I hadn’t read so many others’ entries admitting the same types of struggles I’d feel pretty bad about it all. I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer gratitude for those brave souls who blog so honestly about relationships; good and bad. Thank you.


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