Releasing the Kraken


When I woke up this morning I recognized that I was feeling resentment. [woo hoo for recognizing how I was feeling!] Resentment is only one of the things I’m feeling, but it seems to be the bulk of this morning’s weight.

Sooooo, I’ve decided to make a list of people whom I am feeling resent toward and beginning the process of writing letters that will never be sent so that I can release that resentment. Perhaps I’ll burn whatever I’ve written on the full moon for a sort of formal release, however, I recognize that I might not be able to work through writing more than one letter at this time. Regardless, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Several things are crippling my ability to work at the moment and I suspect that buried resentment is a prime contributor and must be jettisoned to whatever extent possible. Further, I can imagine that with some people in my life, releasing that resentment may be a process with more than one phase of recognition and release.

It must be done so I can integrate and become whole. Alrighty then. Let’s ride that damn Kraken. No fear. [errrr…uh…ok so we’ll try really hard with the no fear thing…baby steps…]


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