Another nugget…



A casino, not a golden nugget…

I came across this:

“Years ago, like within the first few years of marriage, I learned that it is just easier and better if I go ahead and do it myself. It just wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to deal with him!” [from]

This reason this is a casino nugget is because I have always felt it was a gamble to ask for what I needed/wanted – and not a very promising one. I too got tired of taking the gamble and losing. Of course my codependent, overachieving self was fine with taking on the responsibility. After all, I was saving myself the frustration of dealing with him right? 

Wrong. This was another form of passive aggressive controlling behavior on his part. I knew it too. And I submitted. 

Uh…good choice [sarcasm]. At least I can honestly see it for what it is now. 


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